Tadsam Ltd – Your Partner in Sigma Six Training

During hard economical times it becomes more important for businesses and industries to increase profitability through improved productivity. Tadsam Ltd is a leading provider of Sigma Six training in the UK which can dramatically improve your business and manufacturing processes through limiting waste.

Tadsam Ltd has worked with some high profile clients over the years including:

  • The Defence Industry
  • Large Plastic Industry
  • Smart Cards Industry
  • Food And Drinks Industry

They have helped each one to reduce waste either in manufacturing or business processes which in turn has lead to greater productivity and profitability. Here are just some of the testimonials from these high profile clients:

“800% ROI on training in terms of project saving, better than any bank.”

Managing Director, Plastics Manufacture

“Simple tools, great references, strong examples”

The Defence Industry

Tadsam Ltd Managing Director Danuta Kurucz has a wealth of experience in training and implementing Six Sigma throughout the UK and Europe. She has carried this out for numerous businesses of varying sizes. “It is important for businesses to understand just how Six Sigma training can improve profitability. At Tadsam Ltd we can offer this type of training for businesses of all sizes from small independent through to large mutli-national.”

If you are looking for Six Sigma training for your business then Tadsam Ltd can provide this at competitive rates. They cover all aspects including of Six Sigma including yellow belt, green belt and black belt. To find out more visit the website www.tadsam.co.uk where you can find all of the information required as well as the latest news in Six Sigma. Alternatively you can contact Danuta directly on 07921 182365.

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